Tour The Yacht with Us!

The Food On-Board

*Sample Menu, Special Diets Available on Request

Sample Breakfasts

  • Oatmeal Banana Pancakes, Topped with chia seeds and pecan nuts

  • Croissants sandwiches with ham and melted cheese

  • Toast topped smashed avocado, poached egg and sprinkled with feta.

  • Toasts with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon and sausage

Sample Lunches

  • Lentils salad with feta cheese and nuts

  • Tortilla de patatas con pan tomate

  • Tri-color pasta salad

  • 5 Grain Salad with light curry vinaigrette 

Sample Dinners

  • Pasta Bolognese

  • Grilled chicken with rice

  • Gnocchi with pesto and chicken

  • Grilled Fish

  • BBQ burgers

Where Do WE Go?

Costa Brava

The Activites

*Extra Cost may apply for some specialized Activities


Are you a certified Diver or want to try it out?

Our trips include a minimum of one Scuba underwater Adventure. Our Skipper is a PADI Certified Instructor with experience diving around the world, even under the ice! He is here to help get you started.


There is no better way to enjoy a sunset or sunrise then standing on a SUP paddling into it. We have paddleboards on board for your use!

Image by Nick Fewings

Our expert chef crafts simple and tasty meals to both enjoy and keep you sustained on your 5 day adventure. After all all that fun can really make one person hungry!


Explore local towns and villages while we anchor in the bays nearby


Relax and explore the waves on local beachs in remote areas of small villages.


See what it looks like under the boat while you snorkel around it. Swim with the fish and maybe even try your hand at freediving!


Extra activities available onboard on in locations with our partners on request such as:

Fishing, local historical or sightseeing tours, specialty watersports, wine tastings, food experiences, cocktails, horseback riding and more!